Who buys our caravans?

Ben & Lucy

This couple, both working professionals, with no children and living close to the city. They love the countryside and miss the connection to the bush in their daily lives having previously had childhoods in the country.

With their Weekender, they can store it at their home, and be ready to take off Friday afternoon for a couple of days to their favourite campsite, or the special spot on the river they have discovered. The Weekender can be run off grid with the addition of a solar panel. These two days are enough to recharge their batteries and their relationship.

The Weekender is great for their longer breaks, this small caravan with full ensuite and kitchen provides all the comforts of home in a setting of your choice. Ben and Lucy love music festivals and love using the Weekender as their base for these events.


Who else find the Weekender their go to choice of caravan? Well Jenny does. She loves it because she can tow it with her car. She didn’t have to buy a big SUV, which she didn’t need to be able to travel with her small lightweight caravan. The fact that she has her own ensuite makes life on the road perfect.

Jenny’s passion is photography and the Weekender provides her with plenty of storage for her equipment. She’s building up a good portfolio of her work of shots taken whilst travelling, and she’s hoping that with commissions for her work building, she can quit her day job and travel more extensively making her Weekender her second home! If anyone thinks that travelling on your own is lonely, it's quite the opposite! Jenny has made lots of friends on her various trips and now has regular meet ups at campsites.

Wayne & Christine

Meet Wayne and Christine, a retired couple who have opted for the Long Weekender, a meter longer than the Weekender, so a little roomier for our couple who tend to spend more time in the caravan on a trip. They have had many caravans in the past and were thinking their caravanning days were over as the bigger vans were getting too much for them.

They saw the Long Weekender and were instantly smitten with the size and the layout of this lightweight caravan. The ATM of 1500kg meant they could downsize their large SUV and just use Christine's car putting more money aside for travelling. Their aim is to revisit their favourite spots around Australia. Stopping along the way at friends and relatives, using the Long Weekender in the driveway as their hotel room. The second bed in the Long Weekender means they can even take the grandchildren off for a trip!

John Burke

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