Wingamm Monocoque

Wingamm Monocoque Bodies

The distinctive character of the Weekenders monocoque bodyshell by Wingamm does not go unnoticed! Like every Wingamm model, the Weekenders comes with all the essential W-Technology features:

They have a fibreglass monocoque (one piece) bodyshell and as it doesn’t have any joints, there are no seam to leak, with excellent polyurethane foam insulation and no metal parts which means there are no ‘thermal bridges’ and it is also corrosion-proof.

The excellent insulation ensures considerable performance levels also in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort.


The fact that there are no joints between the walls and roof of the monocoque is the only true GUARANTEE AGAINST WATER LEAKS.


The monocoque is a SELF-BEARING monocoque structure with resistance to collisions far higher than the structure of a traditional motorhome with assembled panels


The monocoque is made from a single piece, with no additional screwed-on straps/skirts in light ABS. This ensures great acoustic comfort while driving.


The structure of the monocoque has a sandwich design: FIBREGLASS + POLYURETHANE FOAM + FIBREGLASS. There are no panels or wooden slats that might deteriorate over time.


Thanks to their micro-cellular structure, the POLYURETHANE FOAM contained inside the two fibreglass sheets forming the monocoque provide the best thermal insulation – the only one used to make equipment for the so-called “cold chain” (cold stores).


A limited size, an aerodynamic design, a short overhang and balanced weight ensure great stability on the road.

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