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Top 5 reasons why a caravan (particularly a small caravan) is better than a motorhome

Finding yourself the right RV comes by trial and error; it is only by trying out either a motorhome or a caravan that you will truly discover which is the best type of recreational vehicle for you.

Each and every person has different priorities and preferences, but here are the top 5 reasons why we think a caravan is better than a motorhome.

1. You can leave your caravan set up while you go and explore

One of the major benefits of a caravan, is that you can set up your home on wheels, lower the stabilising legs, put out the awning and set up the camp chairs.  And when you want to head out for a day of sightseeing, or you need to head to the shops, you can leave it all set up exactly how you want. 

In a motorhome, unless you’re towing another smaller vehicle behind it, you need to pack up your motorhome in order to use it for transport.2.

2. Having a regular sized daily vehicle

With a caravan, when you do explore, you’ve got a normal sized vehicle to go in, rather than a huge motorhome. 

Even if your tow vehicle is a large vehicle, it’s unlikely to be as large as a motorhome. So when you’re heading to the supermarket or a tourist hotspot, you won’t have any trouble with fitting into a normal parking space.

3. Caravans are cheaper than motorhomes

The cost of a new caravan is much smaller than the cost of a new motorhome. You could have a similar sized and spec’d motorhome and caravan with all the same additional features such as solar, a washing machine, diesel heater etc, but a caravan is always going to be cheaper. 

Some people decide to buy a new tow vehicle at the same time as they buy a new caravan, and in that case, the costs could easily work out to be similar. But if you buy a caravan that can be safely towed by the vehicle you’ve already got, that will be much more economical.

4. Costs less to maintain

A caravan has a lot less maintenance needs than a motorhome, which in turn means it costs less to maintain. 

There is no motor that needs regular servicing, no oil changes, no tune ups; not even window washer fluid to refill!

It’s also very likely that your motorhome will need to be serviced at a specialised service centre. You can’t take it down to your regular mechanic to have it serviced, you may need to drive some distrance to the service centre. And if the work takes longer than a day, you’ll need to put yourself up in a motel as well.

5. Registration costs for a caravan are cheaper

While a caravan certainly does need to be registered, the costs for caravan registration are much lower than for those of a motorhome.

Of course, there are benefits to owning a motorhome as well, it’s about finding what it the most important things for you when you’re travelling and on holiday.

But for less hassle and ease of travel, we think a caravan is better than a motorhome.