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Lets talk about weight!

This may be a bit of technical stuff to absorb but it is crucial for your safely of yourself and others.

This is not what we would want to happen to you!

There are six facts about towing weights.

1. Tare Weight

This is the pure weight of the caravan when it comes off the production line. Tare weight is empty weight.

2. Load

This is the weight of all the ‘stuff’ you want to pack into your caravan.

Everything – water, bedding, food, equipment etc. Some caravanners go to the extreme of weighing on all items on their bathroom scales, but the easiest way is to take your loaded caravan down to the public weighbridge and get the official weight and if you subtract the Tare weight from the Load weight you will know how much you are carrying.

3. ATM

No not the nearest money point but the Tare and the Load together are called Aggregated Trailer Mass (ATM) This is the maximum weight as allowed by the manufacturer. In the case of the Weekender 1300kgs and the Long Weekender 1500kgs.

4. Ball Weight

This is the weight your car can tow. It’s the fully loaded weight (ATM) the caravan puts on the tow ball of your car. When you have the tow bar fitted this is information you should have to hand.  it is the actual weight imposed on the rear of the tow vehicle and as such is a function of the trailer’s axle position and the manner in which it is loaded.

5. GTM

Gross Trailer Mass is the weight of the wheels of your caravan when its packed hitched up and ready to go. Again something to obtain at the weighbridge.

6. Loading Tip

Whatever you tow you need weight low down for stability. So any heavy items put on the floor and preferably over the wheels and don’t put items too far back as this will affect the towing stability.

This is a lot to take in and understand however, the RACQ website has tons of information about towing and very useful tips on caravanning in general.