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7 things you can do over the weekend in a caravan

People that don’t own a caravan may think that a caravan is only good for your summer holidays when you can take it to the caravan park next to the beach and have a beachfront view, without the cost of renting a beachfront apartment.

But there are so many more benefits to owning a caravan. Many of those benefits can be enjoyed over just a weekend.

Here are 7 things you can do over the weekend in a caravan:

1. Go and visit family

If there’s a special birthday coming up, a wedding or a new baby in the family; you can visit family without having to stay in the same house as the newborn. If they have the room, you could park in the driveway and be close, but not too close. Otherwise you can stay at the local caravan park.

2. Head to a wine region for a quick getaway

Sneaking away for a quick romantic weekend away is so much easier in a caravan. No packing, just grab some groceries, hook up the caravan and head to a wine region to enjoy sampling some of the local wines. There are some membership programs like where you can stay the night (for free) on the winery grounds. This makes having a few wines in the evening very easy!

3. Enjoy a day at the beach

Depending on where you live, enjoying a day at the beach can mean a long drive home at the end of a fun filled and active day. If you take your caravan with you, you can stay local and enjoy all your time at the beach. At the end of the day, you have everything you need to wash off all the salt and sand, prepare a delicious meal and sleep in your own comfy bed.

4. Go for a hike

If you want to do a hike that’s a little bit too far away from home to drive there and back in one day, take your caravan and enjoy some time in the local area too.

5. Out of town family events

If the grandkids have an away game in another town, you can go and support them without having to pay for an expensive hotel and while still being able to have a cuppa made just how you like it. And you can make the most of the opportunity to sightsee while you’re there.

6. Music festivals

While everyone else slums it in their tiny tents or heads back to their overpriced motel rooms, you can enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of home in your caravan. You don’t have to share portaloos with 10,000 other people, you can cook your own meals instead of buying way overpriced fast food, and you get to sleep in your own warm and comfy bed.

7. Guest room

You can invite guests over for the weekend and provide them with a very comfortable self-contained guest room. They have their own bathroom, can make themselves a cup of tea whenever they want, and they can relax in the privacy of their own guest house on wheels.

Having a caravan allows you the freedom to just hook up the caravan on a Friday evening and head off to wherever you want for the weekend.

If you had a caravan, what would you do over the weekend?