7 Caravan Reasons

7 reasons why you should choose a caravan over a resort for your holiday

When you have limited holiday time, you want to make the most of the time you have. While going to a resort for 2 weeks can be a lovely time, here’s why you should choose a caravan over a resort for your holiday.

1. Cost

We’ll address the biggest reason first. Cost.

We all know that when you go to a resort for your holiday, you are paying premium price. Resorts are lovely because they include everything. But that ‘everything’ doesn’t come for free, or cheap. The beautiful locations, the luxurious rooms, the food, the activities… you’re paying for it all. Whether you’re using it all or not.

Compare the cost of 10 days at a resort, to 10 days in your caravan; well, they don’t even compare.

2. Get to explore more of our beautiful country

Not only will you be saving money by taking your holiday in your caravan rather than in a resort, you’ll be able to explore more of our beautiful country. Instead of staying in just one place for 10 days; with a caravan you could visit 3 or 4 beautiful locations, seeing the sights, sampling the local food and wines.

3. Can go to more remote places

Holidays aren’t always the best if you’re surrounded by lots of people, jostling in the line up for breakfast, rushing to get a cabana beside the pool or sharing a romantic sunset with 35 strangers.

A caravan allows you to go to more remote places where you can cook up exactly what you want and enjoy the sunset with whomever you want.

4. Can have all the familiar comforts that you chose

When you’re in your own caravan, you know that your bed is exactly how you like it, the pillows at just the right height, and the doona is not too heavy or light. You know that your space hasn’t accommodated thousands of people before you. It’s just you, exactly how you like it.

5. Don’t have to limit yourself to one bag

For those of us that like to pack for ‘just-in-case’, a caravan means that we can have all our things around us. No more having to decide on just one pair of nice shoes and a dress that gets wrinkled in your suitcase. All the dresses you want are hanging in your closet that you take everywhere with you. You have your own bathroom with all your favourite lotions and cosmetics right there.

6. Have your car with you so you can explore at will

When it comes time to get out and explore, you don’t have to find a tour, a taxi or a rental car; you have your car right there and you can head off anywhere you like to explore.

7. Help spread your money across more small communities that need it

Rather than spending all your money at one resort, you can spread your spending across multiple communities across Australia. You can buy fuel and groceries, stay in the local caravan park, have tea and scones with homemade jam in the cafe, go to the local museum or water park. Spending money in communities that could really do with the help, especially those that have been ravaged by bush fires, drought or other natural disasters.

Those are just 7 compelling reasons why you should choose a caravan holiday over a resort holiday, you’ll have a wonderful time while also ensuring your money is spent in the best ways for Australia.