7 Eating tips

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Caravanning

With more and more time being spent on the road it is now more important than ever to ensure a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating whilst travelling.

1. Plan your meals for a week, or even a month ahead, depending on your storage capacity. 

That way not only will you shop more carefully, but you won’t be  tempted to buy quick meals and snacks. Write down each day what you plan to eat and what you need to have on hand make the meals. On travel days plans for soups or sandwiches for lunch.

2. Include lots of fresh vegetables.

Remember 5 serves per day of fruit and veg the more colourful the better. Nowadays in the supermarket you can get bags of ready prepared stir fry veggies. These make an easy meal with some rice. Look for farm shops on the road to get the freshest vegetables and don’t stint on the greens.

3. Mince is the greatest standby meal you could ever have.

Choose good quality lean mince and prepare your base recipe which can be adapted for bolognaise, lasagne, chilli and savoury mince. Cook up and separate into meal size portions in storage bags which can be flattened and easily stored in the freezer box.

4. Stock up on fresh fruit.

A banana is a brilliant hunger stopper on the road. Don’t forget apples keep forever in the fridge.

5. Campfire cooking can be an adventure and doesn’t have to be hard.

Meat and fish can be cooked on the bbq wrapped in foil and who doesn’t love potatoes wrapped in foil, cooked in the coals, and then slathered in butter! Just avoid heavy greasy food which can sit badly on your stomach.

6. Drink plenty of water

It is very important to have fluids constantly available, with separate water bottles for each traveller and to try and drink at least 1 litre of water per day. If you don’t like drinking water try a few drops of lemon juice in it to change the taste.

7. Take a break now and then!

Finally give yourself a break every so often from the cooking and support a local restaurant or hotel with a nice steak and salad meal – you deserve it!