About Us

John Burke, previous owner of Explorer Motorhomes, is now the sole distributor for Australia of Wingamm Caravans from Italy, a proud manufacturer since 1977.

“This is a first in Australia, caravans constructed with a monocoque, one piece body of fibreglass, stronger, better insulation and no seams to leak.”

This is the story of a journey to find the perfect caravan for the weekend. A caravan that could be towed by a car so you don't need an upgrade to a large SUV. A small light caravan that didn’t feel intimidating to set up, and too heavy to manoeuvre by hand. One that was comfortable and had all conveniences of home. One that was fantastic for a quick weekend away, but also good for the long haul if it was decided to do ‘The Lap’.

Wingamm in Italy, a company in business since 1977, produces the perfect caravan for our criteria. It has a one-piece MONOCOQUE body of moulded fibreglass. The only caravan in the world as far as we can find out that is constructed this way. No seams to leak, 100% waterproof, no wood, no metal frame, corrosion free, a three year warranty on the body, and pretty smart looking to boot, with a well-planned interior and the essential ensuite.

So we bought one, and my wife loves it! She now regularly sets off for a few days R & R to campsites to enjoy visiting, either on her own, or with a group of like minded travellers who love our great countryside and the freedom camping provides. The Weekender is easy to tow and set up on site.

But the story doesn’t end there, oh no!

I liked the model so much I have become the Australian distributor for Wingamm. This means that you too can enjoy the freedom and ease of use the Weekender or Long Weekender can give you. Just give us a call to discuss your travel needs. We’re based in Queensland but can deliver all over Australia.

Happy travelling.


John Burke

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